Welcome To Taipei Far Eastern Telecom Park
Master Plan

  Welcome To Taipei Far Eastern Telecom Park
  Welcome To Taipei Far Eastern Telecom Park
Welcome To Taipei Far Eastern Telecom Park


Professional R&D Center

 Tpark will invite leading research institutes to figure among Tpark's first “residents”. This will
 help ensure a vibrant R&D environment. Our R&D cluster will stimulate opportunities for
 cooperation among academics, industry experts and researchers.

Quality of Life

 Tpark is being built with buildings of innovative architectural design amid 24 acres of park-like
 outdoors. This unique environment will enhance cooperation and creativity among resident
 researchers. An attractive will attract new tenants.

Human Resources

 Tpark will launch diverse telecom related training programs with the resident academies for
 Tpark residents. This will help form an important human resources supply platform for the
 telecom Industry.

IOT Test

 Tpark will cooperate with the existing labs which are testing and verifying telecom  
 applications by, one, setting up a telecom lab in the park and, two, investing in on-site
 facilities for tenants to conduct IOT testing and field trials. Meanwhile, Tpark has invited
 sometelecom related governmental institutes such as TTC (Telecom Technicial Cerner of
 MOTC) and Wimax IOT of III to be in residence to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of 
 verification of telecom products.

R&D Cost Down
 Tpark is building modern telecom laboratories and related facilities for residents. This both
 reduce their R&D investment and enhance usage of existing R&D.
Welcome To Taipei Far Eastern Telecom Park
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